Business introduction

We are supplying specialized industrial Ceramics from Germany and USA for Korean
 market. Our main business is as follows.

1) 3M Technical Ceramics (former ESK Ceramics) Product

Weare supplying various non-oxide ceramics, which are used in modern industry.
- Evaporation Boat for food package film, BN powder for thermally conductive filler, BN coating, BN sintered parts. 
- SiC power, SiC sintered pars/Mechanical seal ring, B4C powder & Nozzle, Si3N4 riser tub Heater tube, TCS for Aluminum industry.
- CaB6, TiB2, Si3N4, ZrB2Powder and Sintered parts.
- Nickel-Diamond coated Friction shim for automotive, ship engine and Wind energyr
industry where friction coefficient needs to be increased.

2) Porextherm Product

WDS insulation material is made of micro porous fumed silica, and it has extremely low thermal conductivity. Therefore, WDS are used for many kind of industrial furnace insulation, fuel cell reformer insulation, and ladle insulation for steel and aluminum industry.
Due to extremely low thermal conductivity, it could save energy and reduce thickness of insulation material.

3) Zircar Ceramics
Zircar Alumina board is made by vacuum suction of alumina fiber. Maximum using temperature could be up to 1800°C. And they also have various products according to differenttemperature level.  Zircar Alumina board is necessary for all application where high temperature insulation is required. And we also supplying Caster tip nozzle for magnesium and aluminumsheet casting industry.

And as a Ceramic special list, we are outsourcing various and unique products according to customer request in the market.

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