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What is WDS insulation?


WDS high temperature insulation is made of fumed silica by pressing, and this micro porous material has extremely low thermal conductivity than commonly used insulation material.
So it could save energy and reduce space by reducing wall thickness of insulation materials.
The major principle of insulation is convection, thermal conductivity and heat radiation.

WDS Ultra shell
WDS Ultra shell is 3D engineered hard type microporous pipe insulation shell and has very low and stable thermal conductivity. And it also has 5 times higher insulation properties than traditional material, while it has thermal and dimension stability until 1,000 °C. It is very useful at application of petrochemical and chemical industry for pipe insulation.
WDS Multiflex
WDS Multiflex has pressed microporous core material inside and surrounded by
glass fiber fabric outside, which can withstand high temperature.
The stitched grid guarantees the necessary flexibility and twisting properties.
So it is very useful for pipe insulation in Chemical industry and etc.
WDS High
WDS Highcan be used at high temperature of 1050°C, and consist of 80% SiO2, 15% SiC and 5% additives. Especially it has low thermal conductivity at high temperature. (200°C: 0.021W/mk). Standard size is 1000 x 600mm x T. (Thickness is from 10mm to 50mm)
WDS Ultra
WDS Ultra is well-known Porextherm’s microporous insulation product and has panel type shape. They are consist of 80% SiO2, 15% SiC and 5% of additives, and maximum using temperature is 950°C. Thermal conductivity at 50°C is extremely low with 0.018W/mk. Standard size is 1000 x 650mm x T (Thickness is from 10mm to 50mm)

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