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Alumina board

ZIRCAR Ceramics Rigid Alumina Insulation products comprise a broad range of products available as boards, cylinders and custom shapes. Made of high purity raw materials these products bring significant utility to the high temperature applications they serve. A few features include:
 • Dimensional stability and superior hot strength to temperatures as high as 1825°C.
 • Low thermal conductivity
 • Uniform tightly bonded fine structures facilitate precision machining to tight tolerances.
 • Prefired, free of organics, NON RCF compositions.
 • Long life in severe refractory applications
 • Long life in severe refractory applications

Alumina Insulation Type SALI-2
SALI-2 is a premium grade rigid insulation board used as hotface insulation or a precision machined furnace fixtures. 1800°C (3272°F)
Alumina Insulation Type SALI
SALI has been serving 1700°C low mass furnace users longer than any other alumina fiber board available today. SALI is a premium grade rigid fiber board with superior hot strength. 1700°C (3092°F)
Alumina Insulation Type AL-25/1700
AL-25/1700 is a rigid medium duty grade of alumina fiber board. Not as strong as SALI but capable of delivering years of service. 1700°C (3092°F)
Alumina Insulation Type AL-30AAH
AL-30AAH was developed for use in copper vapor lasers where the ultimate in low mass alumina purity is required. 1700°C (3092°F)
Alumina Insulation Type ZAL-45 & ZAL-45AA
ZAL-45 is an exceptionally strong low density alumina fiber product. Alumina bonded ZAL-45AA is useful in reducing conditions. ZAL-45: 1650°C (3002°F) ZAL-45AA: 1500°C (2822°F)
Alumina Insulation Type AL-30 & AL-30AA
AL-30 and AL-30AA are rigid alumina fiber boards characterized by uniform open porosity and high machinability. Alumina bonded AL-30AA is used in fuel cell reformers. AL-30: 1600°C (3002°F) / AL-30AA: 1500°C (2822°F)
Alumina Insulation Type ECO-20AA
ECO-20AA is most commonly utilized as hotface insulation in furnaces with hydrogen rich atmospheres such as bright annealing furnaces. 1600°C (3002°F)
Alumina Insulation Type ZAL-15 & ZAL-15AA
ZAL-15 is a low thermal conductivity uniformly bound fiber board. It is ideal for machining into precision thermal insulators. ZAL-15: 1550°C (2822°F) ZAL-15AA: 1550°C (2732°F)
Alumina Insulation Type ALC & ALCAA
ALC is the same material as ZAL-15 - but brings exceptional uniformity in an insulation material in cylindrical form. ALC - 1550°C (2822°F) / ALCAA - 1550°C (2732°F)

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